The LEDGER Awards

The LEDGER AWARDS have been organised to acknowledge excellence in Australian comic art and publishing. Named after pioneering Australian cartoonist Peter Ledger (1945 – 1994) , the awards were first held in 2005. This is their third year.

The aims for the Ledger Awards in their third year include broadening the voting cohort by widening awareness and promotion and introducing an international element to the Awards. The categories have been altered to reflect feedback after the first two year's awards. Some categories from last year have been merged together and new categories have been added.

The nominations and awards are for work published and events held in the calendar year, January 1 to December 31, 2006. The top 3 most nominated in each category will be announced on a final online Voting Form by July 2, 2007. Final online voting will take place between July 2 and midnight EST July 20, 2007.

Award recipients will be announced on a date to be advised here.


The Ledger Awards are a fully independent initiative. It is non-profit. It has no affiliations or links with organisations, businesses or other parties. The 2007 Awards are presented under the auspices of LitterArtsy, a non-profit coalition of creators, publishers and web sites promoting literacy, creativity, craft and excellence through comics and sequential art.

The current co-ordinator of the Awards is Gary Chaloner, writer/artist of Will Eisner's JOHN LAW.

1945 – 1994
Comic Artist, Painter, Pioneer

"Ledger" used with the permission from the estate of Peter Ledger.
An independent LitterArtsy initiative.